• Sharon Printy

Welcome to the Good Life!

Welcome to my Blog!!!

Warm Greetings from Florida! My name is Sharon and I’d like to welcome you to my blog! I love to travel and have found two awesome jobs (Travel Agent and Travel Director/Event Coordinator) that allow me that opportunity. I’d like to take you all along on my journeys.

I am a rare, Native Floridian and I grew up in Orlando, the Vacation Capital of the World. Many people think that because I grew up in Florida that I would be a Disney freak. Honestly, I feel that once you have been, not really a need to go back. I find myself now in awe when I go to places like Washington, DC and places in Europe with real castles that my eyes are seeing the REAL thing and not replicas on Disney property. I mean, I was in the legit Hufbrahaus in Germany drinking a real German beer…not in the World Showcase at EPCOT. I think I was tainted as a child when I grew up going to Disney and while it was a very exciting thing as a child, we never had that “BIG DISNEY TRIP” to Florida. We just got in the car and went for the day. This explains why my first trip to Las Vegas in 2001, I was like a little kid. That’s like adult Disney.

I hope you will join my blog as I document my travels for vacation and for work. I’m getting ready to head to Palm Springs, CA for the first time for a corporate program followed immediately (12 hour turn around) by a trip to Jamaica. My trip to Jamaica is part vacation followed by a FAM trip. You will hear me use the word FAM alot. That’s short for a Familiarization Trip for travel agents. We go on site to experience the properties first hand and learn all we can about that brand. This is a huge benefit I have found in my selling techniques. Clients like to hear my first hand knowledge.

No passport needed to partake in this journey. Sit back and relax as I test drive some amazing travel locations. When you are ready to take your own trip, please keep me in mind for all your planning needs. I do NOT charge a fee to help you out and I will do my best to get you the best price and value. Come with me and live the GOOD LIFE!

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